The cookware set from Five Star

Brand Fivestar is from which country?
Fivestar is a Vietnamese brand, known for its high-quality induction cookers, non-stick pans, and steamers.
Sophisticated design, beautiful, durable quality according to European standards, but the price is very suitable for Vietnamese consumers.
Fivestar was born to compete with other household brands from Europe, Japan, Korea …
Products are made directly in Vietnam, so it is very friendly with the Vietnamese kitchen.
This is also the reason why the price of Fivestar’s products is cheaper, suitable for many users but the quality always meets European standards.
become the pride of Vietnamese brands.
Here are 5 sets of Five Star cookware with price from 500k and above that are most popular with consumers:
Set of cookware from Five star 5 dishes fs08cg1
Fivestar 5-piece cookware set, including two types of glass lid and stainless steel lid for a fivestar set of 5 glasses with a beautifully designed glass lid,
The glass lid in the 5-piece fivestar pot is made of tempered glass.
Bring a modern beauty to your family kitchen in a 5-piece fivestar cookware set with steamer and boxer pan for small families.
The fivestar kitchen cookware set is also called the fivestar 5-cooker set, a set of 5 glass-lid cookers
The pot is made from stainless steel 430 material without oxidation, can be used for a long time, safe for health, quickly recovers heat, and radiates heat to help cook quickly, save fuel, maintain the shine in a long time. and always as beautiful as new.
Five star cookware set Designed in a luxurious, modern European style, suitable for all kitchen spaces, making your kitchen more professional.
The round, anti-burn tubular handle allows you flexibility in handling, easy to hold and use.
Handy features
Fivestar royale 5-bottom stainless steel cookware set, 5 pieces with shiny 430 stainless steel,
Good durability, less oxidation.
Set of 5 fivestar pots with diameter of 1 pot: 24 x 14 cm; 1 pot 20 x 10 cm and 1 pot 18 x 10 cm; 1 pan: 24 x 6.5 cm and 1 pan 24 x 8 cm
The handle of the chopstick-style fivestar 5-dish cookware for a firm grip,
Tempered glass lid is convenient to observe.
Fivestar 5-glass pot set can be used on many types of cookers,
gas stove, infrared stove and even difficult magnetic stove
Five star 5 mon cookware set Made in Vietnam
Warranty up to 5 Years as shown.
Set of pots with 4 Fivestar 304 stainless steel caps
304 stainless steel high-end cookware, 4 glass covers can be used on many different types of cookers, including the most difficult induction hob,
The new set of pots with 4 glass covers includes:
1 24cm pot with 15cm high new glass lid
1 pot, 20cm high, with new glass lid
1 18cm high pot 11cm new glass lid
1 16cm high pot with 10cm new glass lid
set of 4 glass-lid fivestar pots for use with induction hob
The set of 5 high-end Five Star pots kitchi brandished the glass
Fivestar kitchi 5-piece pot set Glass is made from 304 stainless steel with a high-grade 3-bottom structure that makes the product work well on all types of induction cookers.
kitchen cookware set from fivestar kitchi 5 pot 304 stainless steel lid
The pot set includes 4 pots and 1 round with the following sizes:
Round stainless steel 16cm x 8cm + glass lid
304 stainless steel pot 16cm x 10.5cm + glass lid
304 stainless steel pot 20cm x 10cm + glass lid
304 stainless steel pot 20cm x 13cm + glass lid
24cm x 14cm stainless steel pot + glass lid
The Five Star monolithic three-layer pot set
Kitchen cookware from five star stainless steel steamer 304 consists of 3 layers of seamless monolithic Fivestar stainless steel lid, the latest model produced from Five Star company
kitchen cookware set from fivestar 3 layers inox
Structure 3-layer stainless steel monolithic, cast handle. Warranty up to 25 Years
Set of 3-layer steamed pot with steaming includes: Quanh 16cm + 1 pot of 20cm + 1 pot of 24cm and 1 pot of steaming 20cm and 1 pan of 20cm
The product is made of high grade 304 18/10 stainless steel with high anti-wear characteristics,
Does not harm health.
3-layer structure molded from the body to the bottom with a thickness of 2.3 mm for the ability to radiate heat quickly and evenly,
save cooking time.
The stainless steel pot lid is shiny like a mirror.
Suitable for all types of cookers: gas stove, infrared stove and induction hob.
Set of 4 Stainless Steel 304 Pot Fivestar FS08G Plus
Set of 4 Stainless Steel Pot 304 Fivestar FS08G Plus Glass Cover using high quality stainless steel materials 304 25 Years Warranty, designed with sleek, solid, high quality.
Fast heat transfer, long heat retention.
Anti-corrosion, stainless iron, non-toxic, easy to clean. Can be used with the stove, gas stove, electric stove, coal stove and suitable for all families.
The bottom of the pharmacy is made up of 3 layers (stainless steel-aluminum-stainless steel) to help the food cook evenly, which is difficult to burn.
The set of cookware 4 inox 3 layers 304 fivestar can be used for induction hob
The set of 4-layer pot of stainless steel 304 stainless steel cover includes:
1 cake 16cm x 7cm
1 pot 18cm x 9.5cm
1 pot 20cm x 10.5cm
1 pot 24cm x 15cm
illustration of realistic structure of a 3-layer pot that can be used with an induction hob
Although the market with many cookware sets for all kinds of induction cookers, however, induction cookers

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