6 How to distinguish between real leather and synthetic leather

The ability to hold heat
One of the properties of real leather is its ability to retain heat. Specifically, if exposed to heat, real skin will heat up and retain that warmth for a while. Meanwhile, artificial leather products also heat up easily, when exposed to heat but then quickly cool down.
Pattern on the skin layer
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Genuine leather has floral motifs that are very specific to each animal. This lumpy layer will be completely different in locations. Meanwhile, due to being printed or stamped, the patterns on the imitation leather are often very uniform, both in shape and size. Besides, if you look closely, you will see, on the surface of real leather there are tiny holes evenly spread, very difficult to see in imitation leather, or it is just a pattern is created. They are fake and very easy to distinguish.
Examine the back of the skin layer
The back of the skin can also help conclude whether they are real or fake. Usually, the inside of real leather is a very characteristic suede. Meanwhile, imitation leather has a back that is reinforced with fabric or other synthetic material.
Genuine leather and synthetic leather differ in weight
Nearly all imitation leather is significantly lighter than real leather. Therefore, relying on volume is also an effective way of identifying real and counterfeit goods. In addition, there are mass differences between animal skin types. For example, sheepskin is lighter than cowhide.
Distinguish according to the scent
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Due to being made of synthetic materials, imitation leather products will have a very specific chemical smell and are difficult to remove. At a much higher level, real leather possesses a gentle, faint and pleasant fragrance.
How to react with water
Another way to distinguish genuine leather from imitation leather is its reaction with water. Accordingly, a product made of real leather, especially shoes, will absorb some of the moisture when it comes in contact with water, leading to a darkening of the skin and a return to its original color until completely dry. In contrast, due to being made of plastic, imitation leather products will have almost no ability to come into contact with water.

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